Barihab™ SSG Trainer

When floor space in the therapy gym is a challenge, the SSG Trainer is the perfect solution. A wall mounted parallel bar system that is height and width adjustable. It accommodates both standard and bariatric wheelchairs. Wall mounted in the stowed position the SSG Trainer is 48” wide - 84” tall and 24” deep. The parallel bar length when in use is 84.”

In addition, the SSG Trainer comes with an adjustable pull-up bar and padded knee pad that accommodates persons from 5’ to 6’ 4” tall.

A great tool for patients that can work independently on sit-to-stand, standing balance and gait activities.

Installation kit is included for all types of construction, wood stud, steel stud or block wall. The SSG Trainer parallel bar system works with all Barihab™ Treatment Platforms.

SSG Features

48" W x 84" H
steel frame with powder coating
stationary knee pad
parallel bars are adjustable height and width
accomodates both standard wheelchairs and bariatric wheelchairs
adjustable pull-up bar accommodates persons
from 5' to 6'4" in height
installation kit for all types of construction,
wood stud, steel stud, and block wall
2” high density anti bacterial foam
high quality vinyl treated with anti-bacterial and anti microbial agents providing resistance to the following: bacillus mycoides, klebsiella pnemoniae, proteus vulgaris, staphylococcus aureus, salmoneella, choleraesuis, bacillus cerus, enterococcus faecalis, and escherichia coli. (aatcc test method 147-1993)

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