Our Mission

Our mission is to positively impact those in need of physical rehabilitation in recovery from injury by providing the safest, most effective physical therapy equipment available and to help protect therapists from potential injury that may occur during treatment.

Operational Safety

Risk Management is and should be at the top of the list for all facilities providing health care services, especially for those that provide care for the most fragile among us.

It has been well documented that both patients and clinicians are at risk of injury during a “Transfer”. Weather it is a transfer from the patients bed to their wheelchair or a transfer to a piece of rehab equipment from a wheelchair.

There is a way to eliminate the number of transfers that are performed, the risk of injury can be reduced and if injuries are reduced money is saved.

What if the therapist or clinician did not have to lift or aid or hold the patient to a standing position, ever. Through the technology of the BarihabTM Treatment and Assessment Platform this has become a reality.

Infection Control

You might not think that a piece of rehab equipment can have an impact on infection control but it does.

  • The Barihab™ reduces person-to-person contact.
  • No need to transfer patients from one apparatus to another.
  • Fewer transfers reduces the potential for injury for both clinician and patient.
  • Only need to disinfect one piece of equipment.
  • Can treat patients in an isolated environment.
  • Ability to rehab core strengthening, sit-to-stand, bed mobility, balance and gait.
  • No need for a mat table, standing frame or parallel bars.
  • No need for a balance system, scale, or steps.
  • Four digital displays measure progress for charting.
  • Reduces labor costs and improves outcomes.

Financial Savings

  • Reduction in labor costs: Only one clinician needed to perform most rehab activities such as sit-to stand, standing balance, balloon toss,.
  • Reduction in labor costs due to better utilization of available staffing.
  • Productivity: Greater productivity is achieved, no need to transfer patients from one apparatus to another saving time and reducing the potential for injury to both patient and clinician.
  • Clinician Well Being: Reduction in patient lifting and transfers reducing the stress and strain on the clinical staff.
  • Reducing the need for additional equipment: More valuable space is created in the therapy gym.
  • Marketing Advantage: Better technology allows for a competitive edge over other entities that provide rehabilitation services.
  • Overall Safety: Reduction in Workmen’s Compensation Premiums through enhancing a “no lift environment.”

Some of our Customers



The therapy department at Life Care of Altamonte Springs is requesting to purchase the Barihab mat. I asked the therapists to provide input on how it has helped our patients. We have been able to trial this equipment for the last month. Below are some of the comments:

1. The Barihab mat allowed my patient to have increased standing activity tolerance while simultaneously using her upper extremities for functional therapy activities. Randi Y COTA

2. The Barihab will increase functional outcomes and standing activity tolerance for our long term patients by reducing the assistance needed from the therapist. John K PT

3. The Barihab therapy mat table is a beneficial tool when addressing goals for toileting. The modified grab bars simulate a safe pivot turn and patients feel secure when utilizing the equipment. Kristy R COTA

4. The Barihab is a great tool for patients with weight bearing restrictions and weight shifting while giving confidence to our patients without fear of falling. Adriana PTA

5. The new mat has helped significantly with patients that are fearful of falling. We are also able to do standing activities with only one therapist. Jess OTR

6. The Barihab assists in facilitating transfers sit to stand from various heights to increase independence needed to return to prior living arrangements as well as standing balance activities to increase stability and decrease risk of falls with functional activities of daily living. Kathy PTA

7. The Barihab benefits our patients by facilitating improved posture, decreased fear with standing, safety with standing balance activities and decreased risk of injury to staff with hydraulic system. Dana PTA

Below outlines how the Sit to Stand trainer can help our residents. We were only able to trial this equipment for about an hour so we combined the comments into one statement.

1. The sit to stand trainer allows patients to actively initiate the motion of standing up, even with weakened leg strength. Through continued training and gradually reducing the counter-weight, a patient can learn the skill of standing up. Using this equipment will improve standing balance and stability, significantly improve transfers and encourages early weight bearing and active mobilization at the hips and the knees.

Thank You for your consideration on purchasing these two pieces of equipment!
Kristy Schabacker MSR, OTR/L, DOR
I wanted to send a formal thank you to you personally for your incredible Barihab Platform Table. It has been a godsend for both our patients and our staff. For our patient’s learning to stand and walk again it has provided both safety and confidence that they previously did not have. The stability provided through your unique technology eliminates the fear and anxiety that often accompanies bariatric recovery. As you know this speeds recovery, increases positive outcomes, and most importantly gets patients walking in half the time. The other beneficiary of this great product is the therapy staff. Heavy multiple therapists lifting have been virtually eliminated. Your product has greatly reduced the risk of lift injuries to our therapists and allowed for even our smallest therapist to handle heavy or large patients. Economically, the Barihab pays for itself with higher safety for the patient and staff, the elimination of anxiety for the patient, and increased productivity for the therapy staff. We no longer need three or more therapist to help physically lift our bariatric patients. Additionally, the electronic read out features allow the therapist to more accurately document the patients progress and more effectively communicate with the physicians and families regarding patients progress. So thank you again for your innovative product and we await your next discovery.
Alec W. NHA
Administrator, Signature Healthcare of Port Charlotte
As manager of the department, I can already see the benefits of the Barihab table. Therapist are now able to successfully complete treatment sessions and challenge patients at levels which previously required a second (and sometimes third) person, the table will quickly pay for itself. We’ve also been able to downsize on some of our other equipment (bariatric parallel bars with platform) due to the versatility of the Barihab XKS. This has freed up some gym space for other functional uses, another great aspect of the equipment. We look forward to working with your company again, thank you so much!
Joe R PT, DPT, c/NDT
Manager of Rehabilitation
Services The Rehabilitation Hospital
I make weekly visits to Skilled Nursing Facilities and the Administrators Therapy Staff and residents speak highly about the Barihab Treatment Platfom,. The Therapy staff state that this equipment is frequently used and residents feel safe and progress quickly. The Director of Rehab at Courtyard in Long Beach stated that three out of five prospective patients and families picked their facility because of this equipment. Thanks for providing this state of the art equipment that is making a positive difference for residents and staff.
Ted j. Holt
Director of Injury Prevention
North American Health Care Inc.