Our Company
Our mission is to positively impact those in need of physical rehabilitation
recovering from injuries by providing the safest, most effective physical therapy equipment available
and to help protect therapists from potential injury that may occur during treatment.

The therapeutic experience that transforms lives.

Welcome to Therapeutic Industries. As a highly innovative, customer-focused manufacturing company, we design and engineer revolutionary physical therapy solutions. A system of UL-approved and patented performance-centric products, our equipment provides safety, versatility, efficiency, and cost savings. Our products give you an experience with measurably — undeniably — better results. We have the data to prove it.

You could say our products are designed to inspire: both therapists and patients often say they feel so productive and encouraged from their shared progress, the feeling of well-being and empowerment transforms every aspect of their lives. For us, that’s as good as it gets.

A passion for doing things right.

Combine innovation and best-in-class products with extraordinary customer service, and you have advanced tools and support that produce breakthrough outcomes. With us, you get an end-to-end experience: we deliver and set up your equipment as well as provide thorough, practical therapist training for every product. Guided by our values, we do things right.

Design and craftsmanship that matter.

For more than a decade, we’ve designed and iterated made-in-the-USA products whose versatility and productivity have reimagined the category. Driven by an unrelenting commitment to quality, we’ve gathered valuable feedback from the rehab departments of skilled nursing facilities (SNF) and hospitals across the country. Listening to thousands of therapists and patients who use our products — our hands-on advisory board — we’ve enhanced every product feature. Has that made a difference? You bet.

Our products bring the highest quality, function and craftsmanship on the market today. Period. Even more, because our leading edge products accommodate extremely obese patients, they make possible what the earlier generation of “mat table-only” products couldn’t. Design and craftsmanship not only matter but also impact quality of life.

How innovation overcomes anxiety and fear.

It’s no secret. Anxiety and fear are the biggest obstacles delaying rehab recovery. That’s why our all-in-one convertible products are made to foster proficiency as they remove patients’ fear of falling. Original sit-to-stand engineering permits a safer, more habitual routine as it reduces the risk of patient transfers. This is paramount. One piece of equipment converts into several task-driven products, promoting familiarity, confidence and comfort. The result is an environment of trust that eases anxiety and fear to accelerate progress and healing.

Reducing therapist injury and facility cost.

Equally compelling is that our products ensure safety by managing risk for therapists. By limiting the amount of needed transfers, our offerings reduce potential therapist injury and substantial administrative cost. Savings due to mitigating therapist injury can lower insurance premiums and workmen’s comp, and we help contain labor costs with only one therapist.* Factor in the savings from faster patient improvement and reduced length of stays, yet more financial benefits of true innovation.

*Our products have demonstrated substantial savings to the average annual labor costs that are 75% of most SNFs’ operating budget.

A culture of service and compassion.

It’s unanimous: our customers are loyal advocates. That’s because our entire staff is conscientious and responsive. We care deeply about our customers’ success, and they know it. Our equipment, technology and customer service together reshape therapy into an experience of optimism and hope. Therapeutic Industries’ operations are aligned with our culture and foundational beliefs. Having forged enduring relationships with administrators, therapists and patients alike, we’ve earned a reputation for unwavering quality, service and performance. Add to that positivity and compassion. We wouldn’t have it any other way.