Barihab™ XS
Built to perform.
Made to last.

The Barihab™ XS is versatility and innovation in action. It easily converts from a mat table to a therapeutic tool that elevates mobility and independence. When flat, it’s ideal for therapy that improves bed mobility with rolling, stretching and assessment. Therapists can work without bending over and risking back injury. Moreover, the adjustable height and seat facilitate an efficient transfer from the patient’s wheelchair. The platform also has no obstruction beneath, allowing easier transfers from a Hoyer lift.

Widely known for its most-used feature, the standing frame, our product empowers patients to go from sit-to-stand. Further, the product lets patients rotate into sitting position. And, by raising the backrest slowly, patients can sit up without the therapist’s help. Physically and psychologically beneficial, this boosts confidence and independence. In addition, the back rest facilitates core strengthening and stability; going from a flat position to a 90 degree angle, the equipment helps patients engage core muscles to sit up and down.

Of course, we couldn’t stop there. Easy-to-read digital displays give results in real time. Real data means therapists can efficiently track progress and provide instant feedback. They can objectively chart whether the patient required minimum, moderate or maximum assistance with precise patient progression readouts. All of which results in tangibly better results.

XS Features

lifting weight capacity 500 pounds
platform dimensions: 4' x 7'
electronic hi-low feature 18 1⁄2" L to 34 1⁄2" H
adjustable back support 0 to 90 degrees
adjustable seat lift 0 to 70 degrees
adjustable leg lift 90 to 0 degrees
hand control (controls all electronic functions)
partial weight-bearing scale
2 stainless steel transfer bars
one stainless steel standing pole
seat belts, chest or lap
catheter bag hooks
4 back lit digital displays that measure:
table height, 18 1⁄2 “to 34 1⁄2 “
backrest angle in degrees
seatlift angle in degrees
leglift angle in degrees
chest plate, knee blocker with storage cart
battery back-up
2” high density anti bacterial foam
high quality vinyl treated with anti-bacterial and anti microbial agents providing resistance to the following: bacillus mycoides, klebsiella pnemoniae, proteus vulgaris, staphylococcus aureus, salmoneella, choleraesuis, bacillus cerus, enterococcus faecalis, and escherichia coli. (aatcc test method 147-1993)

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