White Glove Delivery:

All deliveries are made by Therapeutic Industries and are inspected to ensure that products are free from damage and are in good working order.

On-Site Training:

Our education specialists provide in person training on all our products. In-Service training is provided at the time of delivery. If in-service training is not possible at the time of delivery, training videos, a training manual and support materials are also provided on a flash drive. A hard copy of the manual is provided at the time of delivery. An in-service can be scheduled later when the education specialist is in your area at no charge.


Because the Barihab™ products have different applications, it is important to understand how to set up the Barihab™ Treatment Platform to accomplish the therapy goal in a safe manner for both therapist and patient.

Technical Support:

Telephone Service Calls are accepted 5 days a week from 9:00AM PST to 4:00PM PST. After hours messages will be responded to the next business day.

Repair Services if under warranty will be scheduled at the earliest available time. Repairs that are not under warranty will be scheduled when a technician is in the area.

Quick Start Programs:

  • The Barihab quick start program is a 7 day protocol used to accelerate functional recovery with focus on certain key components in therapy
  • The program focuses on improving sit to stand, transfers, balance and gait activities with a structured approach using the Barihab Platform
  • Standard protocol along with standardized test scores validates the functional outcome.