Barihab™ S2S
Small area, big advantages.

The Barihab™ S2S leverages adaptability and practicality so patients take their first steps on the same piece of equipment. Further, the smaller size and mobile capacity is ideal for limited-space facilities. With a lifting weight capacity of 400 pounds, the product is highly versatile. Transfers, sit-to-stand activities and building core strength can happen right in the patient’s room. Like our other products, it has easy-to-read digital displays for immediate results in real time. Therapists can track progress, give instant feedback, and objectively chart each patient’s results. Run on backup battery power. All the advantages: yours for the asking.

S2S Features

lifting weight capacity 400 pounds
electronic hi-low feature 20" L to 36" H
adjustable back support 0 to 90 degrees
adjustable seat lift 0 to 70 degrees
hand control (controls all electronic functions)
2 stainless steel transfer bars
seat belt
2 back lit digital displays that measure:
backrest angle in degrees
seatlift angle in degrees
chest plate, knee blocker with storage cart
battery back-up
2” high density anti bacterial foam
high quality vinyl treated with anti-bacterial and anti microbial agents providing resistance to the following: bacillus mycoides, klebsiella pnemoniae, proteus vulgaris, staphylococcus aureus, salmoneella, choleraesuis, bacillus cerus, enterococcus faecalis, and escherichia coli. (aatcc test method 147-1993)

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