The Barihab™ XKS accommodates all patients up to 1000 pounds.

We were amazed: a therapy tool for extremely obese patients didn’t exist. So we invented one. Designed for patients over 500 pounds, this product does the heavy lifting. The viability of its advanced engineering can withstand the weight of extremely obese patients, and still allow better transfers. Indeed, the transfer bar gives the patient something to grab onto — rather than the therapist — safer for everyone. The design empowers patients to push past limitations and increase independence. The adjustable height and seat, and transfer bars facilitate a stand-and-pivot action for patients in wheelchairs. The standing frame feature gives patients the benefit of going from sit-to-stand. And, with no obstruction beneath the platform, the product helps transfers from a Hoyer lift. You have greater value and productivity for the treatment while avoiding potential injury for patients and therapists.*

And, just like our other products, the easy-to-read digital displays give results in real time. Therapists can efficiently track progress, provide instant feedback, and chart each patient’s minimum, moderate or maximum assistance. All with precise readouts for patient progression.

Even more, the product has a larger treatment surface of 5’ x 8’, offering additional options with a larger surface area. The product has both a larger backrest and a larger seat lift to accommodate these body types and wider girths. Similar to the Barihab™XS, the product typically requires only one therapist, reducing labor costs. While customized for a heavy patient, the product is ideal for lighter patients as well.

XKS Features

lifting weight capacity 1000 pounds
platform dimensions: 5' x 8'
electronic hi-low feature 18 1⁄2" L to 34 1⁄2" H
adjustable back support 0 to 90 degrees
adjustable seat lift 0 to 70 degrees
hand control (controls all electronic functions)
2 stainless steel transfer bars
2 stainless steel standing poles
seat belts, chest or lap
catheter bag hooks
3 back lit digital displays that measure:
able height, 18 1⁄2 “to 34 1⁄2 “ backrest angle in degrees
seatlift angle in degree
2 chest plates, 2 knee blockers with storage carts
battery back-up
2” high density anti bacterial foam
high quality vinyl treated with anti-bacterial and anti microbial agents providing resistance to the following: bacillus mycoides, klebsiella pnemoniae, proteus vulgaris, staphylococcus aureus, salmoneella, choleraesuis, bacillus cerus, enterococcus faecalis, and escherichia coli. (aatcc test method 147-1993)

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