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the Barihab™ Quick Start Program

Better Outcomes Through the QSP


What is a Barihab™?

  • The Barihab™ is a multi functional tool that transforms into several pieces of valuable therapy equipment, such as:
  • A Hi-Low Mat Table
  • A Standing Frame
  • Hi-Low Parallel Bars
  • Core Strength Builder
  • Transfer Trainer with Transfer Bars
  • Sit-To-Stand Trainer/Standing Balance
  • Digital Display System Measuring Functional Outcome
Barihab XS table features diagram

Introduction to the QSP

•The Barihab quick start program is a 7 day protocol used to accelerate functional recovery with focus on certain key components in therapy
•The program focuses on improving sit to stand, transfers, balance and gait activities with a structured approach using the Barihab Platform
•Standard protocol along with standardized test scores validates the functional outcome


  • 7 day protocol
  • Focuses on sit to stand, transfer and balance
  • Uses 3 standardized tests: 30 sec Sit to stand, BERG Balance and Modified Barthel
  • Standardized test is administered on Day 1 and Day 7 irrespective of length of stay


  • Inclusion Criteria: Patients with transfer levels ranging from Total A to ModA and sit to stand levels ranging from Total A to MinA
  • Exclusion Criteria: Patient with length of stay less than 7 days

QSP Protocol (OT)

QSP Protocol (OT)

QSP Protocol (PT)

QSP Protocol (PT)

QSP Pilot Graph

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